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How do I find the perfect size of frame?

1. Measure your old pair of glasses to get the dimension which fits you the best. By having these numbers, you can easily find the closest match on our website. Please see the sketch for how to understand the measurements of a frame (2-3mm difference is acceptable).



Diagonal length refers to the straight line length joining two opposite corners of the lens. 


2. You can also read the dimensions of your old glasses for help. The size is usually listed on the arm of temples. 

  • 54 stands for Lens Width, which is the horizontal width (in millimeters) of each lens.
  • 18 stands for Bridge Width, which is the distance (in millimeters) between your two lenses.
  • 140 stands for Temple Length, is the length (in millimeters) from each screw to its temple tip.

3. Try on glasses at a local optical store and mark the size that fits you. Then find the similar size on our website.

4. We divide our frames into 3 categories: Narrow, Medium and Wide, which represents the total width of the frame. You can sort by different size.

Narrow: Total Width <135mm

Medium:  Total Width 135mm to 140mm

Wide: Total Width > 140mm

What's more, you can filter size of each part when selecting frames.

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